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Essential omega-3 fatty acids tune microglial phagocytosis of synaptic elements in the mouse developing brain


Dietary Vitamin A supplementation prevents obesogenic diet-induced microbiota, neuronal and cognitive alterations


Tetrahydrobiopterin administration facilitates amphetamine-induced dopamine release and motivation in mice.


Dietary intake of branched-chain amino acids in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease: Effects on survival, behavior, and neuropathology.

Calon, Frédéric / Tremblay, Cyntia / Bourassa, Philippe / Vandal, Milene / Vancassel, Sylvie / Emond, Vincent / Gangloff, Anne 2018-01-01

Polyphenols from grape and blueberry improve episodic memory in healthy elderly with lower level of memory performance: a bicentric double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study

Bensalem, Julien / Dudonné, Stéphanie / Layé, Sophie / Desjardins, Yves / Pallet, Véronique 2018-01-01

Polyphenol-rich extract from grape and blueberry attenuates cognitive decline and improves neuronal function in aged mice

Bensalem, Julien / Dudonné, Stéphanie / Gaudout, David / Servant, Laure / Calon, Frédéric / Desjardins, Yves / Layé, Sophie / Lafenetre, Pauline / Pallet, Véronique 2018-01-01

Cognitive-Enhancing Effects of a Polyphenols-Rich Extract from Fruits without Changes in Neuropathology in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Calon, Frédéric / Dal-Pan, Alexandre / Tremblay, Cyntia / Desjardins, Yves / Dudonné, Stéphanie / Bourassa, Philippe 2016-01-01

Dietary Polyphenol Supplementation Prevents Alterations of Spatial Navigation in Middle-Aged Mice., Front Behav Neurosci, 10 9

Bensalem, Julien / Alfos, Serge / Pallet, Véronique / Layé, Sophie / Gaudout, David / Lafenetre, Pauline / Servant, Laure 2016-01-01