French and Quebec expertise

OptiNutriBrain is co-directed by Dr. Sophie Layé (NutriNeuro) and Dr. Frédéric Calon (INAF), two world-renowned researchers in both nutrition and the neurosciences. The complementary nature of both their expertise allows Dr. Calon and Dr. Layé to form a synergistic collaboration.

OptiNutriBrain also gathers a team of researchers from Québec and France who specialize in nutrition and clinical or experimental neurosciences. They develop interdisciplinary approaches. OptiNutriBrain studies encompass a large scientific spectrum, beginning with the molecular sciences and ending with the behavioural sciences and clinical trials. The preclinical trials (studies in animals) they implement are always conceptually linked to future investigations in human subjects.  Thus, this rich and unique laboratory, composed of members from different fields of study, aims to cover all spectrums of brain health and nutrition.

Direction du LIA: Frédéric Calon et Sophie Layé