Brain nutrition front and center at the Food4BrainHealth international scientific network

Foundation of the International Research network between Canadian and French research teams Paris, december 18, 2018 was signed the foundation of the International Research Network dedicated to nutrition and brain health, from predictive biology to disease prevention and treatment, Food4brainhealth.

This network is composed of canadian and french research teams: INRA, Bordeaux University, the Bordeaux National Poyltechnic Institue, Burgundy University, CNRS, AgroSup Dijon and AgroParisTech in France, and Laval University, Sheerbrooke University, Mc Gill University, Toronto University, Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal and the Douglas Hospital Research Centre in Canada. Il was developped on solid foundations as part of the OptiNutriBrain International Associated Laboratory created in 2014 by INRA, Bordeaux University and Laval University. It will be coordinated by Sophie Layé, the head of NutriNeuro lab, and Frédéric Calon, professor at Université Laval's Faculty of Pharmacy and Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF).